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Oren Emanuel

Music Producer, Mix Engineer, Dj & Song Write



Oren Emanuel (born January 21, 1979), known professionally as Let's Be Friends and Void, is an Israeli electronic music producer, DJ, mix engineer and songwriter. 

Growing up in Haifa and in Tel Aviv, Oren established a 'psytrance' project named "VOID" in the year 1999, and recorded two studio albums with his band member Tamir Regev for the record label "Chemical Crew" before leaving to pursue an EDM project named "Lets Be Friends" ( ) in 2011 with his partner John Ford, 

The band (LBF) released their debut EP named "EP1" at the begging of 2013 ( ) which brought a lot of intention from the scene's top dj's such as Rob Swire aka "Knife Party" who invited the band to take part in their "Haunted House" world tour and Dillon Francies who offered them to remix his top track: TNGHT - Higher Ground.

During 2013-2015 the band performed 80 shows a year including the top electronic events like: MysteryLand ,TomorrowWorld, etc.. while gaining a fast growing community of followers around the band socials (FB, SoundCloud,etc..)

All these time Oren was also involved in the majority of the mainstream/radio productions in Israel, working with the biggest artists in the country.

At the begging of 2015 Oren established his new Electronic/Pop project with the L.A. singer/songwriter Talia Londoner named "Houndz" to produce Hi-End "Dark Pop" and also teamed up with the Israeli singer/songwriter Ella Doron to create the band "TICIAN" - a 'Trip-Hop' project. the band recorded their first EP named "Gitanjali" - (

At Aug-2015 he joined the band "Old Man River" - ( ) led by singer/songwriter Ohad Rein to bring the new electronic edge for the band and to produce and mix the band's music.

Later on 2015 he teamed up with Asaf Bibass aka "Skazi" to create a new 'super' HipHop/EDM project named "JackFlash".

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